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Volunteer in Oxapampa | Community


Travel to our GVI community base which is located close to the city of Oxapampa which is a unique town in the heart of the jungle. Here you will have the opportunity to live in a research centre that is run by our main partner CDS, you will assist local Peruvian communities to work on development projects and immerse yourself in the culture by learning about some of the local customs.

In your free time explore the town, which is also known for hosting the popular annual Selvamonos Music and Arts Festival. Visit the main plaza, the town's church, Iglesia Matriz Santa Rosa, or take a stroll along the Paseo de los Colonos, a walkway lined with benches. Or make the most of this cloud forest setting by spending your time surrounded by breathtaking scenery. See if you can spot some of the wildlife specific to the rich canals and tropical forests of the area.

Both wildlife conservation and community development programs are run from this base. As a participant in the community development programs, you will be assisting our partners and the local people with various development initiatives, the most important of which is environmental education. This means you could be involved in conducting educational workshops for the empowerment of the local community, you will also be involved in conservation education and learning about sustainable prototypes that the centre has. The centre is used as a showcase for renewable and sustainable practices, such as reforestation, hydroelectricity, wind power and environmental sanitation.

By taking part in these programs you will help us contribute to addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, one of whose aims is to ensure inclusive and quality education for all. All of these initiatives will lead to an improved quality of life for many of the local communities.

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