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Advanced Social Development

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Course introduction

If you feel that community empowerment should be an important consideration in economic decisions and believe in the concept of conscious capitalism, then this is the program for you. In this program, you’ll discuss the benefits of having local knowledge and community buy-in, and how these can be major factors in achieving developmental goals.

Join our Advanced Social Development program to learn more about the process of measuring impact and how this is a fundamental step in contributing to initiatives such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). This program will provide you with advanced knowledge in the fields of human rights, global health and community development, as you learn how to contribute to real-world impact projects.

Is this program for me?

This online program is designed for anyone looking to gain a more in-depth knowledge of advanced social development or to start up their own social enterprise. It’s for those who wish to understand all the different aspects that contribute to successful impact projects. Everyone from working professionals to high schoolers, college students and graduates will benefit from the insights being shared.

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This program includes our Human Rights and Global Health courses. In the Human Rights course, you’ll first learn about the 30 universal human rights and how local factors affect implementation. You’ll discuss the rights of specific groups and current human rights debates. In the Global Health course, you’ll learn about past and current global health issues and possible innovations. You’ll also discuss universal health coverage and how power and politics influence public health policy.

Another fundamental part of this program is our Community Development and Impact Measurement courses. In the Community Development course, you’ll learn about how community development initiatives fail and how to avoid this. In the Impact Measurement course, you’ll learn how to create an impact measurement plan and implement it. You’ll also learn how to set up and manage effective data collection.

The program also includes our Careers in Sustainable Development and Leading Teams for Impact courses. In the careers course, you’ll learn about different careers in sustainable development and learn how to network, write a resume, submit an application and impress during an interview. In the leadership course, you’ll find out how to set goals, give feedback, manage conflict and identify different roles of team members.

Course curriculum

Course 1:Global Public Health

Orientation to our online learning platform

Module 1: The Evolution of Global Public Health

Module 2: Global Health Issues: An Overview

Module 3: Universal Health Coverage

Module 4: Health Policy, Power and Politics

Module 5: Innovation in Global Health Delivery

Course 2:Human Rights & Advocacy

Orientation to our online learning platform

Module 1: Human Rights Introduction

Module 2: International Normative Framework Around Human Rights

Module 3: Cultural Relativism and Regional Issues

Module 4: The Rights of Specific Groups

Module 5: Current Issues, Debates and Ways Forward

Course 3:Community Development

Orientation to our online learning platform

Module 1: Introduction to Community Development

Module 2: Understanding a Local Context and Its Priorities

Module 3: How to Engage with Communities