Giving the Future a Voice

Volunteer with Children in Nepal

Experience life in the Himalayas whilst volunteering with children in Nepal.

Durations:  1 - 12 weeks

Program information

Volunteer on childhood development and education projects in the Pokhara region. Work with local Nepali children to help them achieve developmental and learning outcomes. Contribute to Quality Education, the 4th Sustainable Development Goal set by the United Nations. Immerse yourself in local Nepali culture during your stay and take in the scenery while trekking in the Himalayas.

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Included in your program

Make the most of our unique programs with these exclusively curated local adventure and wellness experiences.

Cook Nepali and Tibetan dumplings family-style

Share customs and cuisine in a Tibetan community

Join a Monk chanting session

Bike around Fewa Lake

Boat on Fewa Lake and learn local folklore

Watch a movie in a natural amphitheatre

Learn Buddhist principles at the World Peace Pagoda

Visit a Newari mountaintop village

Connect with our alumni
Want to connect with some of our past participants about their adventures? Get in touch with hundreds of friendly ambassadors all over the world who would be more than happy to answer any questions.
Testimonial bg
Testimonial bg

Eoin Blaney

25 Nov, 2013
I saw some things I never even dreamed I would see and met the nicest people I have ever come across in my lifetime. The only thing I hated about the program was that it ended! Fun, enjoyment and other words like that can't even come close to describing the time I had in Nepal!

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